"Viral" posts + price comparison plugins for WordPress

I am working on SEO for a hotel related website in these days, and we are doing some (insane) brainstorming for find best way for promoting: can you do just article marketing? Do you need buying some links? What should be better then posting your site into some forum signature? Sorry: in my experience, all these are usually ignored by Google, i.e for promoting your site to top of the SERP.

I think perhaps that "viral" posts could be a good way for starting, if you can write by yourself some content that people like to share with pleasure: just yesterday, by the way, I found How to go viral tutorial, which explains very better the editorial guidelines for doing at best.

Here some interesting detail:

 In other word you should need:
  1. use a good compelling and catchy title;
  2. use "the list" form (i.e. top 10 things you can do in Rome);
  3. being topical and timely;
  4. being comprehensible to everyone;
  5. use something provocative and/or attractive for people as thumbnail;
  6. write every single description and title by yourself;
  7. use sinonyms and rewrite using new work either description than title;
  8. include big image for the post and the thumbnail, it will be more attractive.
This seems the way, also in my opinion, but you will need testing in your niche for finding best way for doing.

Other way for being attractive shoudl be turning you WP site into a price comparison one', so your (returning) visitors should have a good reason for coming into your site. Use affiliate links and track every single clicks coming from your site!

Here some good price comparison theme and/or plugins for WP:


Free social bookmark list for promoting your website

Bookmark are a very common strategy of link building, one of the most easy to implement: while many SEO blogger and expert discuss about their effectiveness, we should admit that are the fastest way for spread knowledge about our fresh content to users, i.e while we are doing an interest-targeted strategy.
We should need to spread the word about this blog article, and post it into SEO directory by Reddit: here we will find just SEO and persons strictly interested to this matter, and this will be anyway great for our content marketing. Bookmarks are very important for this reason, and they shoudl help into ranking expecially because, into the Google official documentation, there is more than a refer about "bookmarked" webpages as also "best ranked". While "low-quality directory or bookmark site links" are bad for our site, it is important to NOT confuse between social signals and ranking signals: the first are very easy to obtain (i.e just look and/or parse into the page), while the latter seems very complicated to analyze and could take you in fall. You are out of way if you are thinking: "ok, social bookmarks will be my only and favourite link building tool".
So social bookmark should serve as "targeted traffic" vehicle for your single website and/or pages (i.e post SEO article into SEO community, and so on), while you DON'T think about ranking at all: as a matter of fact, varying each title and description though time should help visitors to find the way to you site, and this should be enough for using them while doing SEO.  

Help visitors and potential customers to find the way to you site: this is not SPAM at all, if you are doing this with common sense and, perhaps, if your website is high-quality with useful content at all.

Let's see the list of the most common social bookmark for your website!
  1. Del.icio.us - very useful and fast to note favourite webpages and sharing it with other users. One of the most famous bookmark in the world!
  2. Diigo - Very interesting bookmark, you should need it for categorizing your links and much more.
  3. Digg - One of the most famous and important, it is not so easy to appear in first page but, when it happens, you should be proud.
  4. StumbleUpon - Post your website around here and get visited by other, interested to your categorization, users.
  5. Reddit can help you finding the right audience for your website's niche, if you can find right section to post in.
  6. Pinterest is great for your images and to force your visual component.
  7. BuzzFeed is very interesting place for posting your news and creating potentially "viral" content.
  8. Fark is another great place for catching some useful link and find your audience.
Other minor bookmarks social sites could be following.




Where could I find ASP .NET hosting?

 ASP hosting, aka .ASP dynamic web pages for forums, CMS and other wonderful 2.0 web applications, is not so spreaded around as his "cousin" PHP: as a matter of fact, it is very common to choose this kind of shared server for sites, blogs and portal purposes. But many useful and beatiful CMS are waiting for you in this language: just think to mbraco.com, vBulletin, Enterprise Manager, EvolUtility and many much more. There are no differences for the common visitor or user of these websites, but for a substiant architecture different from PHP (which is Linux based, and also could run on Windows Servers) to ASP (Windows based, not possible to run under other operating systems).

Why should you run a ASP website? For example, for the sake of semplicity: vBulletin is an excellent forum CMS for all needs, and you could build your web community in few click after installing it. We could give more example about this like PigeonCMS: did you know it? It is very funny and useful to use!

And what about the hosting web? There are no dubt that the choice are several, and you probably come from a Google (or Bing!) search related to these stuff: I could suggest some hosting Windows-based like Keliweb, which offers you a shared ASP and ASP .NET webserver for all your needs.